COLvsNSH Game 5 Preview

With the Colorado Avalanche facing elimination in game 5, this is sure to be a physical and fast paced showdown.

After losing two on the road in Nashville, the Avs were hoping to tie up the series before they’d have to go back to Nashville. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Game 3 showed a hungry young team ready to leave behind the losses and start fresh. You could see it in their disciplined demeanor and level of execution. However, at the start of game 4, either they were still worn out from the battle only two nights previous, or the Predators were out for blood. The Avs didn’t seem to have that same spark they did in game 3 and the Predators took full advantage of that. Starting a game with a 5-on-3 disadvantage is never a good sign of things to come either. Jonathan Bernier┬áisn’t available to start for game 5, but the Avs are “confident in Andrew Hammond” starting. Still, it just adds to the uncertainty of their fate.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not down on the Avs. They’ve played their hearts out and to go against the best team in the Western Conference (and NHL for that matter), they’ve done a pretty superb job. Especially if you look at the last few season’s records. Win or lose tonight, the Avs should be proud of themselves for how far they’ve come.

I’m certainly looking forward to some good playoff hockey tonight.

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