The Beyond Burger

I am the epitome of a carnivore. Plain and simple. I was brought up eating burgers, bacon, steaks, chicken, turkey, etc. You name it, I’ve probably eaten it. I’ve seen so many meatless alternatives come along. Some meant to imitate the flavor of a certain meat and some just to stand on their own, like black bean burgers. I love black bean burgers, but I’ve never viewed them as a replacement for meat. I’ve always felt that all of the good tasting meatless products were always like comparing apples and oranges with real meat. I’d recently heard about this new thing called “The Beyond Burger.” I’d heard it was meant to be a replacement and that you couldn’t even tell the difference between it and a regular beef patty. I thought to myself, “There is no way that they can make a meatless burger taste like meat let alone mirror it’s texture.” So I figured I better see what this is all about…

I picked up a couple of packages of these burgers in the meat section (of all places) from my local store. The company claims they have them in the meat section because they aim for it to eventually be viewed as the “protein section” – which is an idea I like. I got them home and decided to cook one. Seeing as though this was a lunchtime meal, I wanted quick and easy. So I busted out the foreman grill. I know.. it’s not ideal.. but I cook beef burgers on it in a pinch.

The Preparation

Once preheated, I threw it on the grill and noticed it start to “bleed.” This was similar to a beef burger, but the result of the beet juice added. The smell didn’t really smell like a beef burger either, so I was getting pretty leery of the end result. While it was cooking, I prepared my bun with a little ketchup and mayo, which is my personal favorite for a burger. It’s also simple as to not take away from natural flavor too much. Once it finished up cooking, I plated it up and here is the result:


I’ve seen some photos of these on their website coming off the grill and even the appearance is that of a grilled beef burger, but having not yet tried that myself, I can’t confirm it.

The Taste Test

The first bite… curious.. the second bite.. hmm.. the third.. wow, I’m pretty impressed! It certainly won’t pass as a USDA Prime sirloin burger, but it would be on par with a frozen burger patty. The thing that amazes me the most is the texture. It really does have the same texture as real ground beef. What is even more amazing is that my 5 year old daughter loves them. She took a bite thinking it was real beef before I explained to her it was all veggies. That certainly didn’t deter her from wanting to take half of my burgers every time I’ve made them.


If you’re a vegetarian, stop reading this and go buy them. If you’re gluten intolerant or have celiacs disease, these are a good option since they don’t contain gluten like other veggie based burgers. If you’re a carnivore, try giving them a shot. You just might be surprised…

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